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How We Work

As we create Shonkinite, we also build the bridge between art and commerce. In our bridge building, we discover why art stays on one riverbank and commerce on the other. Often, as a result, storytelling is compromised and diluted. 


The standard process of creating, producing, and distributing stories can end up with powerful movies and tv series strangled or shelved. The industry model, however, is in the midst of transformation which we view as an opportunity for a new breed of storytelling pioneers.


The Shonkinite slate of stories are sourced from real-world, lived experiences and brought to life in extraordinary writing, visuals, music, and artistry.


Shonkinite, LLC is woman-owned and based in Montana, a landscape that fosters the frontier mentality at the heart of all our stories. If we run into a block, we figure out a new way. If we get stuck, we call our neighbors and do the same for them. We work together, we build community, and we never let our vision out of our sight. 


The mission of Shonkinite is to create social impact using story in the medium of film, television, music, fashion, and technology.


And we envision a world without bigotry, racism, sexism, and xenophobia.


No small thing.


And yet we dare. Over and over again.


Will you join us in building our storytelling bridge? 


A world without bigotry, racism, sexism, and xenophobia.


To create social impact using story in the medium of film, television, music, fashion, and technology.

Why Donate?

Why Donate

The world needs to hear the stories of the Shonkinite slate, especially at this time where distance has been created by viruses of body and philosophy. Your contribution is needed to launch the first phase of development for CORTINA and BOYS OF THE BULLET.


Contributions for CORTINA will support a website designed to create the same sense of community and synchronicity experienced on a crowded tango social dance floor. Viewers, fans, and dancers alike will be able to explore not only episodic information but intertwined movement modalities, articles, and relevant conversation.

Parallel development will continue on four amazing CORTINA preview videos for each of the three series and one key character. Original music is currently in development. Yes, we dare to create new, modern, danceable tango music. You will let us know what you think.

The next step will be creating industry-standard story bibles outlining the trajectories of each series. Artwork, text, and character arcs require time and attention. They are the precursors to full episodic scripts. We can't wait for all that comes next and would love to have you join us.


Boys of the Bullet is under simultaneous development. The tensions that form, rock, and eventually unravel the lives documented in Boys of the Bullet are not as far away or as unfamiliar as we may think given time and cultural differences. Their story is vitally important and bringing their voices forward is exactly the purview of the Shonkinite mission.


Thousands of hours of footage need to be edited and condensed into a just four hours and then down again to standard documentary length. Along with editing will come music, translation, and further shooting to document 'where are they now' follow-ups. Your donations will support this important work.

Get involved now:

donate to launch CORTINA and BOYS OF THE BULLET, share and spread the word,

and please drop us a line to be kept in the loop.

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