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About Founder

Founder - Harper Klay

My experience with the transformational impact of Tango coupled with the universal power of storytelling gives audiences a lens through which to see not only themselves but also other cultures. 


Tango was my tool of transformation on a personal level and illuminated my purpose. By the time my car accident occurred, I was disillusioned with my limited ability to affect change. My resulting brain injury created a profound shift, and Tango dovetailed with my personal awakening.


I learned Tango in Jordan and have danced since 2007. My education and career put me in the position of being a lead international negotiator and an expert at sifting cultures. My altered mental landscape opened portals of discovery into human nature and our innate need for story and connection. 


I have fought for my healing and recovery, struggled to find purpose, witnessed the strictures of ideology, and finally emerged with the mission of SHONKINITE.


In a world more accustomed to divisive rhetoric and singular, exclusive identities, the arts must come forward to establish a new narrative. Instead of fear of the other defining our identity and birthing fanaticism, terrorism, and xenophobia, we need stories that will spark conversation and reflection, bridge cultures and customs, and give us a new language and expression of shared identity.


Story is a universal harmonizing language, and now is the time to share my stories with the world.

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About the Company

About Company

Shonkinite, LLC is founded on the frontier of storytelling. 

We are beyond the boundary and borderless in our thinking.

Shonkinite creates social impact using story in the media of film, television, music, fashion, and technology.

Our focus is on stories that transform hearts and minds, break down barriers, and transcend myopic dogma.

Located in Bozeman, Montana, Shonkinite, LLC is a woman-founded, globally focused film and television production company.

About Stone

About the Stone

Shonkinite is a rare volcanic rock found in three places in the world: Ontario, Canada; East Timor, Indonesia; and Shonkin, Montana.

The stone's surface is dense, black, and grey, but

at a microscopic level, shonkinite is a rainbow of shifting colors.

This unique paradox mirrors the reality of our world, dense and inscrutable, and of the stories that animate it, full of life upon closer look.


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