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Why Donate

We have the support of the Utah Film Center, a non-profit designed to foster and support early and on-going film projects. Donations to the Utah Film Center are tax-deductible and support our work. Donations like yours enable us to approach pre-production with excellence.

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The world needs to hear the stories of the Shonkinite slate, especially at this time where distance has been created by viruses of body and philosophy. Time and money move these stories from the page to the screen. Your contribution is needed to launch the first phase of development for our current projects, CORTINA and BOYS OF THE BULLET.


Where does the money go?

The goal is to package our products for sale and distribution.

Our two premiere projects have different needs.

  • Proof of Concept videos: preview videos for each series and the main, series-spanning character, THE MAESTRA.

  • Music: in development.​​

  • Website: where supporters and viewers, dancers and teachers, fans and newcomers land to see what the CORTINA lifestyle is all about.

  • Story Bibles: industry-standard to show the scope and detail of the series. Includes character studies, episode synopses, series story arcs, and relevant material to package the show for sale.

  • Choreography and character development with tango + show business experts to bridge the tango world and the world of viewers.

©2023 by Shonkinite, LLC

  • Editing: thousands of hours of existing footage need to be pared down to four hours and then edited again to standard documentary length.

  • Music: negotiating usage rights to fully complement the story

  • Translation: making the compelling story of the Boys of the Bullet accessible to English-speaking audiences.

  • Shooting: returning to Egypt for "where are they now" footage 

©2023 by Shonkinite, LLC

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